The Daily Five|Two

Bluff Street
has a tradition

Residents of Bluff Street have their quirks and they have their traditions. One tradition is called Daily FiveTwo

Every night before bluffians fall sleep they write down Five things they are grateful for and Two things they are looking foward to tommorrow.

The next morning their lists are published in the newspaper,The Bluffian Echo. No names are posted,not even the editor in chief knows who's list is whos

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Privacy is key

Because the things that we are grateful for in life tend to be pretty personal stuff, This site leverages what we are calling Incognito PassKey.

Instead of signing into the site and having personal info saved you are given a random passkey when you submit your first list

You may choose to use the same Incongnito Passkey for your lists and maintain a sense of history or not. Totally up to you